I find the most enjoyable encounters occur when there is an unspoken showing of mutual respect.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could take the time to read this page before we begin. I would equally like our time together to be special. I promise that following these requests will be well worth the added efforts.


  • For new friends, I will need to properly screen you before I can set a date with you. Please, don’t be discouraged by the screening process; if you don’t try, you’ll never know ;).
  • I require two references of verified companions you have seen in the past year. I will need their name, email and website. it helps to reach out to them and let them know you are providing their contact as a reference.
  • If you have not seen anyone before me, don’t worry! I can also screen you with a government issued I’D or your work information. I will need you to email me from your work email to verify that it is indeed you whom I am talking to. For all new friends, a 24-48 hour booking notice is required as I will need that time to verify you.

Advanced Notice

  • The most important thing for me is respect of my time as I would do the same for you. Usually my day is scheduled in advance. As such, there is more opportunity for us to commit to our secret escape if you give me at least 24-hours advanced notice. Please don’t hesitate to let me know about any specific requests regarding my looks or outfit, and I will happily spend the time to prepare for our date.
  • Same day appointments are rarely available and are only offered to clients who have completed the screening process. Pre-booking is highly encouraged and will be prioritized.
  • For first-time friends, same day appointments will require a 20% non-refundable deposit A deposit secures your booking and shows me you are dedicated to our time together. It is also common courtesy since I am keeping your requested time clear of other possible appointments. I accept deposits through various payment options. Please inquire.


  • My rates are non-negotiable. In my experience, any discussion of donation ends up being a distraction from the experience. For new friends, please follow the following guidelines:
  • Upon your arrival to my incall, you are to leave the donation in plain sight and excuse yourself to the restroom. I am always freshly showered and mouth-washed for you. I expect you to be as well, but if you had a busy day, you’re always welcome to shower and freshen up at my place.
  • For outcalls, you may leave the donation in the washroom or in plain sight.
  • For public dates, please present the donation in a discreet gift bag at the beginning of the session, and allow me to excuse myself to the restroom to check the donation
  • Money exchanges are for time and companionship only. Anything else that may occur is a matter of personal choice between two or more consenting adults of legal age, and is not contracted for or compensated for in any manner.

Cancellation Policy

  • While there are always circumstances out of our control, I do not appreciate people who take advantage of my time. I spend many hours prior preparing for our meeting to make it truly special. Consequently, a last-minute cancellation wastes more than just the time we were supposed to be spending together. As a fair compromise, if you are a new client or have a history of canceling, showing late, or not showing at all, then I require a 20% non-refundable deposit in order to re-schedule with me. By contacting me, you agree to not only respect my time & business, but adhere to my cancellation policy.


  • Age Late 20's
  • Eyes Blue
  • Hair Strawberry Blonde
  • Height 5'4"
  • Weight 108
  • Bra Size 34C
  • Body Type Slender, All-Natural